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Al -Asala Company is one of the specialized companies with experience and quality of service to meet all your needs in the field of providing full service water displacement solutions, pumping, water treatment, drying work, marine works, deep and superficial foundations, excavations, reinforcement, anchors, and public contracting, In addition to providing full engineering support, contracting and professional services, we specialize in everything that happens in infrastructure work, This is through a specialized team of engineers and trained workers with high skill in implementing projects, In these operations, we form and develop the engineering of the foundations specialized with new ideas and innovative methods, and we set the basis for distinguished projects as a team, we offer the most efficient solutions economically for each task and we depend in our work on the leading innovations in addition to digital work procedures in operations and tools. This allows us to guarantee the highest level of transparency for all those involved in projects, while maintaining the optimum quality during the implementation of our projects, and focuses on efficiency and sustainability above all. For us, sustainability means the ability to continue in the future ” We create the future authorized by the past “. Accordingly, the development of methods and technologies is efficient in using resources and compatible with the environment is the focus of our clear focus. To achieve this goal, we work to reduce the environmental pressure caused by specialized foundation engineering, the use of raw materials more efficiently and managing projects in a sustainable manner in an environmentally compatible way. Ultimately, we have ‘passion for progress‘. With the work we do, we are the future of tomorrow. Come and indulge with us in the world of specialized foundation engineering. But the most important thing ever is our employees, in originality we believe that great people are the ones who provide the best solutions, as the authenticity management is a unique mixture of talented employees diverse from multidisciplinary backgrounds, Day after day they do their best to achieve unique construction projects, they help forming our company with their experience, commitment, knowledge and making it a pioneer in the engineering of specialized foundations. One team with one vision, enthusiastic about the new developments, is ready for the future; the key to our success.”

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Infrastructure Works
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